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About our Team, Samaritan Cycling

Cycling Team Captain

Dear friends,

St. Catherine of Siena said, “If you are what you are meant to be, you will set the world on fire.” Samaritan Cycling is a community of fun, caring individuals that love to ride bikes, and have a mission of raising both awareness and money for those experiencing homelessness. In 2020, the team was faced with an unprecedented obstacle, COVID-19. As a result, the sanctioned cycling events we would normally participate in were canceled. However, the team “turned lemons into lemonade” and sponsored our own self-supported rides to raise awareness and money for the homeless.

We’ve raised nearly $1.2 million over the past 10 years to provide shelter, meals, clothing and other necessities so that those in need can have a fresh start. We know we can continue to make an impact with your support. In 2021, we plan to increase the size of the team by 50%, host many of our own self-supported rides, and participate in all the sanctioned cycling events in Colorado to raise awareness and funds for those experiencing homelessness in Northern Colorado.

I cannot thank my teammates enough for what they have done and the passion they have for this worthwhile ministry. All riders are faithful to the cause and have each committed to fundraise a minimum of $1,500. When you meet the men, women and children that Samaritan House serves, you realize that you are making a difference in their lives and in our communities.

Be a part of something big in 2021 and help us set the world on fire by becoming a corporate sponsor!


God bless,

Tom Schwein
Captain – Samaritan Cycling