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Training Tips

Mother Nature has not made consistent training easy but spring has sprung and it’s time to be consistent with getting out and walking or running! Having a goal, however big or small, can help you keep focused and motivated. Getting involved with the group workouts will make your training fun and will help you stay motivated.

The acronym ‘SMART’ is the best way of remembering the criteria for choosing a goal.

S = Specific.  Make your goals precise.
M = Measurable.  You need to be able to prove that your walking target has been reached.
A = Achievable.  Your goal must be achievable.
R = Realistic = Have some common sense when setting goals.
T = Time-related.  Set a date that you would like to reach your goal by.

See you at our next group event!  Showing up to meet your teammates is a great goal!!!



Walking tips for snowy days!

Did we really think we were moving into spring and the snow was behind us?   Springtime in Colorado is full of these beautiful winter wonderland surprises.    Training in the snow can be frustrating if you aren’t flexible.

Here are some tips to keep your training safe and enjoyable.

  1. Be flexible and take the day off.  In Colorado a day or two makes all the difference in the world.
  2. Cross train instead of getting out and trudging through the snow.   These are perfect days to do strength and/or flexibility work at home.
  3. Today is the absolute perfect day to snowshoe right out your door.   Drive a short distance and cross country ski in a nearby park or the Highline Canal.
  4. If you don’t own YakTrax, you may want to invest.  They are very reasonable and will keep you safe and on your feet in the coming days as the snow begins to melt. You can find them at most sporting goods stores and on Amazon.
  5. Stretch after your workouts.  Walking in these conditions shortens your stride and make for cranky hamstrings so be sure to stretch!!!



Winter has arrived!   Did you think we would get through the winter without frigid temperatures. The good news: these cold spells don’t last very long and in no time we will be walking in shorts again:)

Tips to make winter walking more enjoyable:

  1. Give yourself permission to do an indoor cross training activity.
  2. If you are going to brave it, it’s much easier to get out the door if you are meeting someone.  Join Samaritan Walking  or meet a friend to help motivate you!
  3. The rule of thumb is to dress as if it’s 10-20 degrees warmer than it is.  Dress in layers of technical fabrics that wick the sweat.
  4. Wear shoes that have the least amount of mesh.  Wear socks that wick away wetness but keep your feet warm.
  5. Warm up before you head outside.  Move around your house enough to get blood flowing.  The cold doesn’t feel so cold when you are warm.  If meeting friends start moving as soon as you get out of your warm car.
  6. Change quickly Post -Walk. Your core body temperature drops as soon as you stop walking.  Change clothes head to toe as quickly as you can.  Drink something hot or eat a hardy soup as soon as possible after your walk.